Sunday, July 08, 2007

As there are those among you readers of this blog to whom Dutch is no more than seemingly incoherent banging on the keyboard, I thought I'd put up a post in the lingua franca of the interweb. Which concurrently is in all probability the mothertongue of you non-dutchies.
Anyhoo, as Ned Ryerson would say, I am right now staying in France, for those who aren't in the know (you are now, and doesn't that make you feel special?)
Without coincidence I am in fact staying at the same place as I was last summer. To be precise that is the southernmost bit hillyness of Normandy known as Ceton.
A lovely spot, very pleasing to the eye and all that.
It's therefore not surprising that I've done a fair amount of drawing here, I've even twice posted such drawings.
you may like to see them here: and here:

So far this year I haven't anything to show for you yet, seeing as my days are spent minding my little charges. But I did find something I scanned last time I made use of this old 'ordinateur'.

Well it's getting late, the twilit sky is growing hazy, and I feel like curling up with my P.G. Wodehouse (Summer Lightning),
when I have made something fresh and brilliant, you'll be the first to know.

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Anonymous said...

Hoi Chuck! Is het leuk daar? Je tekening wel. Heb je nog een beetje zon enzo, en struikel je nog wel es over een fossieletje... Grapje, ik ga weer aan m'n stripverhaal, het was gezellig met je pas, al vergat je je stropdas.

groetjes van Heina.