Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Torrid, tempestuous Irena...the spark that turned the tropics into a blazing cauldron of passions!

I wish I had come up with that, but it's the tag line to Fire Down Below, from which this drawing of Robert Mitchum comes.

Oh lord, I guess this makes me a fan

It's been a month now since the last, the final Harry Potter came out and I thought I would belatedly celebrate that with some drawings. Over the years I've doodled and sketched characters from the series in the margins of my sketchbooks. Starting when I read the first book in december 2000. While I'm not going to show you those, because: A, I don't have those drawings at home, and B: They're godawful.
The oldest one I've scanned is from late 2001 I think just before the first film came out.

Some characters stick out in their absence, namely the kids. Because on the whole they're not that much fun to draw. Not like the craggy faced weirdos that pass for teachers and guardians in the books. Also absent is Dumbledore, because I couldn't find any drawing of him that I think really captures him.
So if, after this post you're all clamouring for my interpretaion of old Albus, I'll just try and get him right for once.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

sketching for a good cause

Namely me.