Thursday, August 28, 2008

Before anyone gets any ideas

I'm sorry Heina, I swear I didn't do this in church. My computer is just really slow sometimes.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh and

Don't think I've posted this before. It's for the great big Fiep project.


Yesterday I went to see Efterklang play in the park here in Groningen, together with the lovely and affable Pyhai and friends.
We saw them on stage, making great waves of music and generally amazing the crowd with their awesome musical playfulness.
Something they earleir showed on a much smaller scale when they performed acoustically in a tiny cosy container for a smaller crowd, we just happened to be in. (Actually, nerds as we were, we were in the cue ten minutes before there was a cue).
I made a video of one of the songs then, with all of us clapping and stomping our feet along. Which is currently being uploaded to youtube. It doesn't do justice though to the mood they whipped up, and it doesn't show them banging the walls and ceiling with drumsticks, or playing on a winebottle and jugs and breaking said jugs,
but I guess you had to be there.

Anyway, here's a little drawing inspired by the costumes they wore on stage (a kind of gay Edwardian superhero look, or if you want to be nicer, they looked like kids dressing up), and the wonderful album art by the superb Danish design duo Hvass & Hannibal

Monday, August 25, 2008

An interlude

As part of the deformalising of this blog, this post has nothing to do with anything I've made. Instead, I'm just embedding something I like.
If you're anything like me you'll have no doubt seen the film Rushmore and loved every inch of its reels.
Something I read about but hadn't seen until recently was this little bonus from the criterion dvd, made for the Mtv movie awards in 1999. They're adaptations in vignette form of several of the films of that year.
This version of the Truman Show might actually be better than the original.




I added a bunch of pictures to my flickr account, go have a look.
Also included are pictures of my friend and fellow illustrator Heina's wedding last friday.

A glimpse at the pre-deadline artist

Don't worry I'm all smooth and chipper again now.

Thank god that's over.

Just spent the past three weeks working on the illustrations for a book in the Gestreepte boekjes series. They're books published for children who are learning to read. Kind of like the little golden books from the fifties. And with that in mind I tried to make my illustrations a bit different from my usual style. More colourful, stylised and straightforward,
which turned out to be quite difficult.
Here's a study for the illustrations.

Oh and actually it was quite fun to do though, for the most part.