Monday, August 25, 2008

An interlude

As part of the deformalising of this blog, this post has nothing to do with anything I've made. Instead, I'm just embedding something I like.
If you're anything like me you'll have no doubt seen the film Rushmore and loved every inch of its reels.
Something I read about but hadn't seen until recently was this little bonus from the criterion dvd, made for the Mtv movie awards in 1999. They're adaptations in vignette form of several of the films of that year.
This version of the Truman Show might actually be better than the original.


Meidi Goh said...

Hoi Chuck,

ik droomde vannacht dat jij en ik op een grote geheime universiteit aan het studeren waren voor een kunstgeschiedenis tentamen. Ik kon me alleen niet concentreren want het was heel laat.

grappig he?

groetjes Meidi

Brenda said...

Een wit vlak? Heel Malevitsj ;)