Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Creepity creep

As flawed as it is I adore our national public transportation system. It gets you places, almost anywhere in fact. It does so on time even (well most of the time). You can buy a card to almost reduce the price by half, and on top of that it's the more sustainable choice as well.
It's a relaxed way of traveling, seeing landscapes fly by, you could even do some work if you are so inclined. You also get to meet people, nice, cute wonderful people if you're lucky. (if you're less lucky you're later dependent on the Rails' misery hearts page) Or you encounter less savoury characters. Like this creep I saw in the train from Emmen to Zwolle. The drawing doesn't even do him justice. I swear he must have been keeping maggots or eels beneath that baggy coat.

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