Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Motel Mozaique

Last year I was at the music festival Motel Mozaique for professional purposes,
this year however I went there because there was good music.
From the wonderful and oh-so american Alela Diane for example.

I shot a video myself, but I've yet to upload it.
So this will have to do until then.
I also saw Devotchka, who were fun in their rag-tag Mexican Balkan gypsy-way.
And we just managed to catch the tail-end of the concert by Mariee Sioux, who also sang at her friend's Alela Diane's concert. And she's cut from the same folksy cloth, but rather more surreal. There are wolves in her songs and trees and roots.

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Meidi said...

Hoi Chuck,

inderdaad, wat een fijne muziek is dat!
Hee, ik vind je blog weer super gezellig met mooie tekeningen en muziek, goed idee :)

liefs Meidi