Friday, June 19, 2009

Terrible Yellow Eyes

Having stayed in the United States for rather a long while, I'm now back in the Netherlands. I had a roaringly good time, and quite a busy one too. In fact things can now be called frantic, but that's beside the point.
Mainly I wanted you all to know that you should go to, a wonderful blog devoted to Maurice Sendak's amazing book Where the Wild Things are (or Max en de Maximonsters for those who know the book by its Dutch title). The talented Cory Godbey has been putting together a collection of pieces from illustrators all inspired by the book, and he was kind enough to let me contribute. It's an amazing site, with work by some very wonderful illustrators.

Some details.

Another idea I had.

The Goat boy is kind of my favourite.

These guys don't really have to do anything with this, but I had fun doodling them.


RAWLS said...

Beautiful work Chuck!!!
Great style!

Alina Chau said...

These are beautiful!!

Brun Croes said...

Amazing stuff on your blog !!!

I really like the style u have and the flow u have in your sketches and illustrations.

I'll be checking this place out more regulary ;)

ps: welkom terug in Nederland, groeten vanuit Belgiƫ :)

C. said...

Thanks everyone!