Monday, August 03, 2009

Adventures in Boekie boekie land

This is the third version of an illustration for the cover for the next Boekie boekie. I was approached to do the cover and in my enthusiasm I drew an illustration that would wrap around the front and back.

I based my first version on that sketch, essentially I elaborated on it. The issue was to come out around the time of the national week of children's literature (de kinderboekenweek), the theme of which this year is food. (I have something else coming out around that time which is also all neat and themed) And the Boekie boekie editors said this issue was to be called "Hungry like a wolf". Being a big fan of Red riding hood and wolves in general I was more than happy to do something with that. I have to say though that they always have great stories and ideas to illustrate, so I'm generally very pleased to do something for them.
And I was very content with the way the illustration turned out.

Unfortunately being in Oregon at the time I had forgotten that the back of the last Boekie boekies had been taken up by something which wasn't a cover illustration. So my illustration was to be cut in half: 'or' did I 'want to redo the picture, to make it fit?' So after a load of reshuffling I've now arrived at this new version.
I still like the first version a lot, but I'm pretty chuffed with the new one. It's probably my favourite completely digital thing.
As I was not at home when I made most of it, I lacked a scanner, so going digital was the best option.
Anyway, look for the issue when it comes out in october (I think)


Carmen Saldaña said...

I really love your work, I think you have an amazing stlye.
The illustrations Boekie boekie are wonderful, so dark and nice...


C. said...

Thanks so much! You make great illustrations as well.
I noticed the link you put up on your blog, I'll link you too.

Alina Chau said...

BEautiful !! WOW!