Thursday, October 01, 2009



I've always liked making puppets, but have always used rather idiosyncratic materials such as tissuepaper, rubber cement and straw, apart from more normal fare such as fabrics, and while I've usually been fairly succesful. The results were never what you might call very cuddly. But a couple of months ago I discovered needlefelting. For those who don't know, it's a technique whereby you shape a fairly solid mass from wool by repeatedly pricking it with a special needle, creating a shape of felt.
It's a very enjoyable thing to do, I imagine the same way knitting must be. And the results so far have pleased me no end.
Currently I'm working on several puppets which aren't finished yet. But here are a couple of my first critters.

Needlefelting experiments

It's Wumpus!


Carmen Saldaña said...

You are incredible, all the thing you do are amazing!
The fox is beautiful and the...well, I don´t know what it is..the smiling potatoe in the second picture is very cute. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hij staat ook heel mooi op Moos' kamertje! :)