Friday, April 30, 2010

Stone Giants, Will o' the wisps, Minusculi and Night Alfs

Here are some doodles for the first characters in Fantasia. After Bastian steals the book from mr. Koreander he reads about the meeting of these creatures in the forest. They're all on their way to the Ivory tower to tell the Childlike Empress about the Nothing.
I have a pretty clear idea about the first illustration I'm going to make (the wednesday in the third week of may), but I blame Sam Bosma for making me want to sketch more. He puts so much effort into development, I was actually convinced it might be a good idea to not go with my first gut feeling.
Oh well, I can't say it wasn't a good idea.
So blame might have been a bad choice of words.


Katriona said...
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Katriona said...

I love this will-o-the-wisp!
The thing about sketching is a funny one - I'm also amazed at people who do so much development before they even begin an illustration. I usually go with my first idea (unless it's clearly not working!) and just refine it several times as I work up to the final piece. I sometimes wonder if I should do more exploratory sketching too. Can't wait to see more!

C. said...

Thanks Katriona! I usually don't do that much sketching either, but since the pace at which I can work on this is quite leisurely, I thought it might be fun to try. And I have to say, it does help.