Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yokai Party

Recently I made this drawing for the Fieperdepiep magazine, who I have to thank for giving me almost complete carte blanche. Which basically is illustrator's dream, isn't it? I had been wanting to draw some Japanese fairy tale monsters for ages, so of course this assignment was a real gift. I went through whole lists of descriptions and pictures of traditional creatures from Japanese folklore, and later had a lot of fun with putting them all in there.

I was also hugely pleased to find out there's a very old tradition in Japanese art of depicting monsters' parades, called Hyakki Yako. So what I made is essentially a continuing of that.

Here's a version of the drawing with every creature named and numbered.

If you live in Holland you can pick up the Fieperdepiep magazine at any good bookstore or well stocked Albert Heijn supermarket for 5 euro.
Otherwise you may also purchase it from the Fiep Westendorp webshop.

Once I have a webshop myself prints of this one will of course be available. And as S. Britt suggested perhaps jigsaws as well!

Finally, here's a somewhat embiggened version for your perusal.


Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Please please make a print of this. I will buy it right away!

Gabe said...

Is there a book of Japanese folklore you got these from?
I would love to know :)