Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Neverending Story, part II

After their meeting in the forest the will o’ the wisp, the rock biter and the other creatures resume their journey to the Ivory tower. Where they find countless other beings from every corner of Fantastica. Everywhere the Nothing is consuming the land, and ominously the childlike empress herself has fallen ill.

She has chosen a champion to find a cure for herself and Fantastica, someone who will have to undertake the Great searching. She has given him her sign, a golden necklace of two snakes biting each other’s tails, called AURYN.
The hero she has chosen is the boy Atreyu.

So here we have Atreyu on his little horse Artax. He’s still at the beginning of his quest and he’s now reached the glass towers of Eribo. I wanted to show something of Fantastica before the Nothing swallows all of it. Though the little creatures in the bottom left have been displaced by it already.

As you can see I’ve decided on a slightly different style after the somewhat improvised drawing last month. The colours I’ve chosen are the colours the book is printed in: red and blue.
So I’ve changed the first one accordingly, I hope you still like it.


Carmen Saldaña said...

The Neverending story was a very important book to me in my childhood, I read it when I was 9 and many times after.
Nowadays, I have nice memories of that book, I want to read it again!
So, what can I say about the illo?I love everything on it


graju said...

Yep, I like it

AlwaysAlice said...

i am absolutely delighted to have stumbled upon your blog! your work is brilliant :)
all the best

AlwaysAlice said...
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Céleste Gagnon said...

some seriously nice work. I love all the detail. I've said it before, one of my all time favorite books, I would love to see it illustrated by you!

Sanne (Miltenburg) Tekent said...

Beautifull drawing! I bought it last week at the Art Fair in Breda (Holland), where your work was represented. Keep up the good work! :)