Monday, November 29, 2010

Fox and Hare ~ Catching up part 3

Fox and Hare, originally uploaded by groene_inkt.

This is more work for the boekie boekie diary. These were drawings that you can cut out and then use to create a little diorama. There were more characters, so you can also use them to make your own little puppet theatre of sorts.


Shanti said...

your work is quite beautiful! Seeing this diorama especially gives an extra pop to your art, and makes me thankful to have stumbled upon such an inspiring blog. Keep up the great work!
an avid follower

Struckbylightning7times said...

Your work is delightful! I can always use a smile, and thanks to your illustrations I have reason to do so. I still think you and Becky should take my suggestion - write and illustrate a story together! I'm positive that it would be fantastic!

- Justin