Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh my!

A while ago I made a drawing inspired by Maurice Sendak's beloved book Where the Wild Things are. That was for the blog Terrible Yellow Eyes. And last week I was inspired to do another. I'd been working on drawings on the computer for days and wanted to take a break and just put some pencil on paper.

Now as you may be aware of Spike Jonze, the director of the brilliant Being John Malkovich, is set to outdo himself with a movie based on the book. As a very wonderful promotion tool he started a blog called We Love You So. It is of course about all things Sendak, but also tons of other interesting stuff. I every now and then take a look there and today I was very much surprised to find my drawing at the top of the page.

When he came to the place

I'm very thankful of course, it's not something you expect. You can see it for yourself here: weloveyouso.com

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Brenda said...

He, je link doet het niet! Maar dat boek dat je aanried was mooi! Of is nog mooi, want ik ben net over de helft!