Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Little Leaf ~ Catching up part 5

These are some of the illustrations for a new book in the 'Little Striped Book' series. As opposed to the books I've previously illustrated in the series, which were for kids who were starting to learn to read, this one was for (even) younger children. So I had to adopt a style that was suitable for that. I'm not sure I really changed that much, the requirements of the story put these illustrations firmly in a child friendly-zone, what with the talking leafs and all.

To make up for it I promise that the illustrations I did for the next striped book are appropriately more butch and gruesome. But seeing as how I finished the last book in april and it didn't come out until just now, I won't be able to show much for a while at least.

As always you can purchase the Little Striped Books from their site:


P&H Design said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! How can you ever doubt yourself? Your work is fantastic, just keep doing it.

Marloes de Vries said...

Wow! Zo prachtig en sferisch! Ik ben het met bovenstaande comment eens.

Oksancia said...

Amazingly beautiful illustrations. I especially love the characters full of personality. Great work on these! I see that you live in Groningen. Me too. Lovely place.

SI said...

Beautiful and inspiring. May I ask which media you used? The graphic quality is very distinct, and pure. I just blogged this!