Wednesday, December 08, 2010

My name is Hare - Catching up part 6

I drew the brush, the paint can and the daubs of paint here. Oh my!

Over the summer and start of this autumn I worked as assistant illustrator on a computer game for children. Something I'd never done before.
The game was called Mijn naam is Haas (My name is Hare). There were already several games about Haas on the market, all of them about an inquisitive Hare and his animal friends. They're designed to help young children increase their vocabularies, and they were making a new game.

I was asked because of the similarity between my work and that of their original illustrator: Wouter Tulp. He had already designed the characters, defined the style for the most part and loads of objects used in the game. However he wanted to devote more time to other projects, so I was asked to take over some of his duties.
And since this was something I'd never done before I thought it might be worth a try.

I worked three days a week in Amsterdam at the studio, where I had the pleasure of seeing my drawings immediately handed over to the animators who set to work on getting it in motion.
In the three months I worked there I drew an incredible amount of things, some of them trivial, but most of them rather fun. I've always enjoyed drawing plants, and that was a large part of what I got to do.
In the game the player gets to shape the landscape the story is taking place in, so many objects and props were required for that. Under the guidance of the Art director Daan Velsink I set to work on those.
Below is a large collection of those things.

As much as this was a job of subsuming my ego and adapting my style and work to the requirements of the game, it was made more than worth it by the pleasure of working with a group of wonderful and dedicated people and of course by seeing my own drawings come to life in the actual game!

ps. Needless to say the copyright of this lies firmly with me and Mijn naam is Haas.


Marloes de Vries said...

Mooi project! Ik vind de plantjes die je hebt gemaakt erg leuk!

Wouter Tulp said...

Mooier dan ik het zelf zou doen!

Coen Hamelink said...

Looking good! It's a real pity I hadn't the for it... I'm jealous now ; )

C. said...

Dank u zeer allen!